Evening Primrose Oil: Your Health For Skincare and Body in 3 Teaspoons

Evening primrose oil: the Healthy Gamma Linoleic Fatty Acid. A Skincare and Food Complement.


Let’s talk about food for our brain, anti inflammatory for our joints and hormonal balance for our pre menstrual syndrome or pre and post menopause issues.


Evening primrose oil (shop here) contains essential fatty acids which are extremely important for our health.

For decades, holistic Doctors have been recommending evening primrose oil for PMS (pre menstrual syndroms) and cyclical breast pain.

It is also largely recommended against eczema diabetic neuropathies as well as arthritis pain.

So what compound is so important in Evening primerose oil?

The Gamma Linoleic Acid (or GLA).

Evening primrose oil contains between 7 to 10 % of GLA. (the highest content with Borage oil)

We are always amazed to share how nature is providing us all what we need: GLA is an essential fatty acid that is highly required for a proper brain development. Babies receive high amount of GLA from breastmilk.

Our body transforms GLA into substances which regulate inflammation, prevent blood clots, reduces cramps, and last but not least: balancing hormones.


What is the Recommended Dosage from The Nutritionists Experts

Of course it is all related to the ailment you are willing to ease.

Basically, nutritionist experts validate into oil form is between 1500 and 3000 mg daily: basically it means between 1.5 to 3 grams of Evening Primerose oil: it means that you would need between 1.5 and 3 teaspoons of oil.

For these who simply want to stay healthy (prevention is gold), the recommended dosage from physicians specialized in nutrition will be between 500 mg to 2000 mg (half a teaspoon to 2 teaspoons), in a preventive way, it is always recommended to balance your GLA and your omega 3. A good source of omega 3 oil is Inchi Inca shop here (the richest known as of today).

It is always recommended to ingest your oils during a meal.


Now lets come to our “The Spoiled Bee” tips.


As Hippocrates quote mentions: let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be your food.


Our Oils are all eatable AND etible. It means that you can ingest it and use it in your food. Of course cooking or heating these oils will alliterate the quality of the compounds.

We highly recommend to add your oils (a sizzle on a salad for example) just before serving.

Himalayan Salt, pepper, a squeeze of lemon and your evening primerose oil will make a wonderful vinaigrette.


Though we do have a great other recipe to share:

Steam carrots and pumpkin, use a mixer to realize a soft puree, let it cool, add a sizzle of oil on top with some freshly grinded flaxseed, add some curcuma powder, sea salt or Himalayan salt (always chose a natural salt which will bring you amazing variety of minerals), and a few leaves of parsley or cilantro.

Enjoy luck or cold.


 This post is for information only. It is based on my readings and training. I am not a physician, this sharing will not replace any medical advise and is in no means replace any medical advise.


We always highly recommend to get the best advises from a well trained physician who took a major in this topic.

We recently learned that medical colleges are dispensing 4 hours of nutrition training to the future physicians. Be sure to be coached by the best.



About the Author:

France Engels:

France Engels,  is a certified osteopath in France since 1992, she more recently trained and has a master of aromatherapy from the Australian College of Aromatherapy, she chose a major in nutrition, as she is a fervent consumer of botanical remedies whenever a natural remedy is an option. Therefore, she had 40 hours of training in nutrition (She thereafter digged deeper into this field as it is fascinating to discover how nature is providing us with our botanical healthy balance).



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