How to apply a face Serum for maximum benefits?

Great skincare products and a consistent routine does a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to having great skin. Of course so much comes into play when trying to achieve a flawless glowing complexion: nutrition, drinking enough water, hormonal balance, exercice, staying away from irritation and harmful chemicals in many skincare products, protection etc... But the way you apply your skincare products is often overlooked with many of us just applying it and getting it over with as quickly as possible so that our head can hit the pillow at night! 

But did you know that applying a face Serum with the right movements can dramatically improved the effectiveness of your skincare? With the right steps, you can help increase blood flow, improve the elasticity of your skin and aid in lymphatic drainage which reduces the appearance of blemishes? 

Got your attention? Well just have a look at the little diagram we drew up for you babes below (your skin will thank us later): 




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