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Our Wholes Soaps Are Whole Because:

Our Soaps contain the purest botanical oils and remain whole, natural glycerin is not removed and the extra nourishing oil is always added enabling the soaps to sooth and nourish even the most sensitive skins.

Why Whole Soap may you ask?


Regular large soap’s brands use the low-cost fats (sometimes even animal fat) and oils (most of the time palm oil which is cheap and not particularly eco-friendly. Indeed we all heard about deforestation and un- ethical production and harvesting). 

whole soaps by the spoiled bee

But over everything, what is probably never unveiled is the fact that these brands extract and remove the botanical nourishing glycerine which is naturally produced during the reaction between oil and an alkali (potassium or sodium) to realize the soap (this chemical reaction is named saponification. 

Basically, isn’t it like selling you a fruit after removing all the vitamins out of it?

What Glycerin does to your skin?

Natural botanical Glycerin is soothing the skin while leaving a protective layer on the derma. This is particularly interesting to benefit from this glycerine since soap, by definition: cleans and get rid of some oil (natural sebum /skin protection), thanks to the properties of a natural soap, we can also capture and flush all the germs and bacteria, leaving the skin purified and cleansed, than comes the glycerine, which will replace the natural skin protection, letting enough time for your skin to regenerate its own protection. 

glycerin naturally present in our soaps for sensitive skins

Basically, the Spoiled Bee formulation (is certified with the highest standards), and by choice, we decided to leave the soap as its whole, with all its ingredients and benefits. Just like whole food. You want the real stuff, not the un ethical, not clean, packed with synthetic fragrances and with petrochemicals kind of soap.

Why We do It Our Whole Way


As we have been passionate about botanical and natural remedies and doing soaps forever we can say it is in our DNA to seek for always improving what we are doing. 

We are so glad to work on the right balanced formulation, offering our soaps the perfect fusion to stimulate the regeneration of your skin, whilst nourishing it intensively.   

The Old Fashioned Soap is Back With a Crown

Castille soaps and Marseille soaps have been used in families, hospitals, by doctors, nurses, midwifes for centuries now. 

Some dermatologists in Europe recommend the use of soaps on sensitive allergy prone type of skins, so no doubt it is an excellent cleansing choice in your skincare routine. And cherry on the cake, Whole natural soaps are not boring anymore. Natural pigments, essential oils, cute shapes, specific oils for specific needs. Let’s reinvent our bubble routine and enjoy Whole soaps in its full. 

The Bonus: Be a Green Queen

The bonus when you use a Whole soap: no need of preservative, of packaging, of chemicals. No need to mention the versatility of soaps. 

triple nourishing soaps are famous for natural beautiesBubble, Bath and Recycle

Our 3 fast recipes with whole soaps leftovers:

1- Laundry soap recipe

easy laundry soap recipeUse a cup of grated Whole soap (use a light color or white soap to avoid leaving some pigments on your laundry, add it in half a gallon of water, add a ¼ cup of washing soda and 20 drops of lemon essential oil or tea tree essential oil, pour in a large masson jar or any recycled container. Allow the soap to melt and use as a regular liquid laundry soap.

2-Making your own liquid soap with leftovers recipe

Gather 10 Oz of soaps leftovers and grat it.

Heat a gallon of water and pour your soap into the water, allow to melt by bringing it to a full boil.

Add 30 drops of essential oil, it might be lemon, orange, geranium, lavender or a mix of your favorite. Do not overuse essential oils as we should use diluted essential oils.

If you want an extra nourishing liquid soap you can add 2 tablespoons of argan oil or primerose botanical oil, blend and let it set for 12 to 24 hours. The water and the soap will bind a offer a sicker texture.

reuse leftover of soaps liquid soap easy recipeYou can use in a recycle pump container or visit our containers store (always reusable or recycled 

3- Make yourself a Bubble bath Foaming Cloth recipe

This is also a great way to get your children loving to wash themselves like a big girl or a big boy:

Using a sock ghost or a too small from your children, pour all your leftover of soaps and tide the sock with a nice bow or a ribbon. 

Soak your bubble cloth under water and rub it in your hands to obtain foam and bubbles. 

Enjoy and relax! 

a bath bubble easy recipe with leftover of soaps recycle reuse

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