Is it safe? 

Yes it is! As long as you cover the basics and read up a little about what Essential Oils should be kept away from your skin at all times or which ones to avoid when your pregnant/breastfeeding (see our blog post about Essential Oils during pregnancy). Also make sure that Essential Oils are always diluted and never applied pure to the skin. 

Before using any ingredient in your skincare products, also make sure to patch test a tiny amount on your skin and wait 24 hours to make sure you are not sensitive to that botanical ingredient. Even though all our ingredients are completely natural, everyone is different and your skin may react to an ingredient or have an allergic reaction. If that is the case and you notice a reaction, do not use this ingredient in your formulations and discontinue use right away. 

Other than that, have fun, create amazing products and don't hesitate to send us an email if you have any questions or want advice. We are here to help! 


Can I really make things for myself with no knowledge or degree? 

Yes you can. You will learn a lot along the way, but with our guidance and advice, you absolutely can start formulating products that your skin & hair will love. We only use Botanical Ingredients, so there is no need to have a fancy chemical degree or lab at home to make your own products (just read up on safe Essential Oils to add to your skincare product before going all in and make sure to always patch test before using any ingredient).

And if you find that you really love making your own products, there are always classes you can take to deepen your knowledge of natural ingredients and cosmetic formulations.  

Is it very time consuming & do I need a huge amount of ingredients to get started?

Well that all depends on how many products and how much time you want to spend on it. Does it take longer than going into your local store on the way home? Yes. Will it take up all of your free time? Absolutely not!  Making a moisturiser for exemple only takes about 15 minutes (the first time may take a little longer but practice makes perfect). 

And when it comes to the amount of ingredients you need to get started, that also depends on how customised you want to make it. You can make a very simple moisturiser with only four ingredients (floral water, botanical oil, a wax and a natural preservative). Or you can add essential oils, active ingredients, vitamins, more than one type of botanical oil etc.. 

Is it really going to make a difference in my skin/hair? Don't you need all the fancy chemicals used by big laboratories to make an impact? 

That is actually one of our favourite questions. And the answer? You guessed it, absolutely not! Using natural botanical ingredients doesn't mean that they don't have any active properties for the skin & hair. Quite the contrary. Botanical oils for exemple are jam packed with so many incredible active ingredients: essential fatty-acids, vitamins & anti-oxidants to name a few. Numerous scientific studies have proven that natural botanical ingredients can actively heal, renew and protect the skin. The Spoiled Bee's team spends countless hours researching new natural ingredients to expend the list of ingredients available and always thinking of you and your skin. 

 Any other questions? Please email us at