The Spoiled Bee comes from the desire of protecting our beautiful bees and of course spoiling them! Sadly, the bee population is rapidly decreasing due to pollution, lack of crops, pesticides & diseases which is a huge tragedy to our ecosystem. This is why we have decided to offer among many other products and ingredients, a range of bee products such as our Honey Cleansing Balm, our Beeswax or Raw Premium honey which all have amazing properties for your body, skin and hair.
Over the last few decades, bee products have unfortunately been associated with harsh harvesting and mass production to keep up with the growing demand. Very often, countries compete to keep up with the demand and end up resorting to feeding bees artificial sweeteners and syrups or even over harvesting and not leaving enough for the hives to thrive through winter. We will never support that and only work with a network of trusted and responsible beekeepers. We make sure that all our bee products are harvested in a sustainable and respectful manner to keep the tradition alive and keep hives flourishing through the seasons. 
And because we want to do everything we can to help the bee population, for every 10 pounds you spend on our products, we will sponsor 100 bees for an entire month through our carefully selected network of beekeepers. All the hives are located in flowery fields and forests, away from all modern pollution and chemicals and the beekeepers always make sure our bees have more than enough honey left for winter.