The Spoiled Bee

Amazonian Lily Extract


Your skin and hair might need some extra power from Amazonia: used in hair care, Lily extract has the ability to calm and nourish hair/scalp, making it luxurious, manageable and shiny. This is due to the compounds found in the flower: rich in oils and tannins, which provide anti-inflammatory benefits that aid in soothing the scalp while deeply conditioning the hair. Its tannin content also makes it useful as an astringent (therefore helping to narrow the pores and tonifying the skin, but can also greatly help the scalp). When used in skin care this extract can be very nourishing, giving the skin a smooth and supple appearance: in other words, this is a super powerful ingredients for your skin to glow. Its rich composition provides deep conditioning and moisturizing while also having a detoxifying effect on the skin.

Ayurvedic ingredients used for centuries in Amazonia now accessible and useful for your DIY tailored skincare thanks to The Spoiled Bee DIY Beauty ingredients.

5 ml amber glass bottle

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