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Apricot Oil


Apricot oil is the perfect oil for sensitive skin. It has many benefits from reducing signs of ageing, scars and dark circles to repairing dry hair and split ends. It is very easily absorbed by the skin, leaving no sticky residue or clogged pores thanks to its light molecule structure.


It can be used both pure or as a cosmetic ingredient in your vegan or gluten free homemade preparations. Apricot oil also has a high saponification index, making it one of the best oils to use for homemade soaps and shampoos.

Apricot Oil: more details

Where does apricot comes from  and some history ?

The main geographical region to cultivate apricot is Turkey, but obviously, apricot trees can be found in many regions, from mediteranean to Central Asia (It could be originated from Asia since some sources underline the fact that apricot kernel oil has been used in traditional Chinese Medicine to treat tumors and ulcers. This use of apricot spread far and was used for this purpose in UK in the 17th century. Some sources also mention that some isolated valleys in Pakinstan are still eating apricot kernel, and they are living healthy for more than a 100 years.


 All the cosmetic properties of apricot kernel oil

– emolient properties

– anti-inflammatory properties : it reduces inflammation when applied topically.

-anti-aging properties by providing all the nutrition to skin for age defying properties

– anti-septic and anti-bacterial benefits reducing risks of infections in open wounds and ulcers. [1].

-anti-oxidant properties preventing the skin from being damaged by free radicals [2].


The whole apricot kernel oil experience

The oil’s color is light yellow, has a light nutty fragrance…very lightly like almond (marzipan) scent

Apricot kernel oil benefits for your skin

It is the perfect oil for sensitive skins, making the skin soft, it penetrates well (though if you want a deep penetration, you can blend it with a lighter oil such as hazelnut or Abyssinian oil). As it has a light molecule structure, it has a non greasy texture and is great to be used blended with essential oils. This oil is also perfect to realize your macerations (infused oil) with botanical herbs. It is absolutely wonderful to formulate soaps (its saponification index is, upon the oil quality, between 185 and 195)

It is a great oil to be used in creams, balms and for sun lotions. For eye serum, to diminish dark circles and to realize anti aging skin care masks and creams, or even facial toners.

Since it has a light comedogenic index of 2 (under 5) it should be avoided to be used frequently by beauties who have acne issues.

 Apricot kernel oil for your hair

A great tip to use apricot oil on your hair is to treat split-ends.

Apricot oil also helps for detangling hair.

These benefits are due to the composition of apricot oil:

Vit E promotes hair growth

It reduces dry scalp issues

It promotes shiny hair without greasiness

My tip for a “one ingredient only” DIY hair mask: heat the oil ( slightly warmer than skin temperature, apply on ends, wrap with a shower cap or a towel and let it set for 20 minutes, shampoo as usual

It can be used as a hair serum blended with some essential oils, to select your tailored essential oil, click here to read the post on essential oils for hair

The complete index composition of apricot kernel oil

Fatty Acids:

Linoileic acid (omega 6):vit. F.

Oleic acid and palmitic acid

Vit.A (has natural anti oxidant and photoprotector benefits)

Vit E: another natural anti oxidant

Phytosterols are naturally protecting the skin barrier, helping the blood circulation and therefore are great age defying compounds. They are also offering great protection against sun ultraviolets.

All these compounds will enable to enlighten the skin complexion and give its tonus back.

This oil is stable, it means that it won’t get rancid too easily. Though it is better to keep it in a cool place, protected from the sunlight.


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