The Spoiled Bee

Arabica Scrubbing Nourishing Soap


This Arabica Scrubbing  soap is the perfect fusion to stimulate the regeneration of your skin, whilst nourishing intensively your skin. Indeed the gentle grinded Arabica coffee will make way for new skin. Unclog pores from dirt and dust, blackheads, dead skin and other surface impurities so that new, healthy skin may flourish. The Arabica Coffee will furthermore stimulate your blood circulation, this will help your skin to stay healthy and to recover its natural balance (it is also said that it is extremely effective against cellulite, but who cares ;) )...not the kind of hard lasting forever harsh stone like piece of scrubbing soap ... rather feeling like a botanical butter melting  on your skin whilst deeply scrubbing.

Do not expect a strong coffee scent, the mission of the coffee here is the scrubbing: no artificial flavor/fragrances. We do not add coffee essential oil in this recipe. 


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