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Avocado Oil


Avocado Oil is very high in Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant which helps fade scars and ageing spots. Avocado oil has amazing hydrating benefits and stimulates the skin’s natural production of collagen making it a great oil to reduce fine lines. It can also be used in hair-care to repair damaged ends, increase hair growth and even prevent hair loss.

Avocado Oil is extracted through a cold pressed process of the avocado kernel and can be used both pure or as a cosmetic ingredient in your homemade products. Our botanical oils are all vegan, gluten free and cruelty free. 

Our Easy DIY Recipes:

DIY recipe:

Extreme weather condition face cream:

Mix 2 tsp of avocado oil with 1 tsp of hazelnut oil, add 2 drops of geranium essential oil. Apply on your skin generously…perfect for weather defying and ultra dry skin!!!

on hair:

It is a good hair care for shiny and strong hair.

It is well known to help growing hair.

Hair loss fighting tonic oil:

-30 ml of avocado oil

-30 ml of argan oil

-30 ml of castor oil

-35 drops of Cedar essential oil

-35 drops of Lemon essential oil

-30 drops of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

-1 reusable 100 ml aluminum bottle and a lid or a pump

Mix all the ingredients together, apply and rub your scalp with this oil, leave it for 15 minutes and rinse with clear water, shampoo…

German scientific studies are prooving that some essential oils, such as cedar and lemon are extremelly effective on hair loss. Many international scientific studies have demonstrated the efficacy of botanical castor, argan and avocado oils on hair and scalp health.


Virgin Avocado Oil has many Benefits in Cosmetics, a complete review and index card for this great botanical oil:


-Poly insaturated essential fatty acids: linoleique acid

-Mono insaturated essential fatty acids: oleique acid (around 65 % or more, depending on where it grows, the spicies, rain factors aso…, palmitoleique acid: around 5 %

-Saturated fatty acid: palmitic acid around 15 %

-Oleic acid is from latin oleum which means oil. This lipid is in the family of omega 9 . It is extremely nourishing for skin, making it softer and smoother and also more radient.

These % are slightly different from one batch to another. As botanical varies according to weather and soil conditions. We receive and require a safety data sheet for each of our botanical oils and essential oils

other substances:

sterols have a healing and repairing effects, it also reduces infalmmation.

Tocopherols (vitamine E): anti oxidant.

Carotenoids: in charge of the color, of photo protecting anti oxidating action as well as healthy skin look.

Phytosterols: are improving the barrier fonction on skin as well as micro circulation.. They also slow down the aging process. They have some anti inflammatory benefits and are protecting against UV.


on skin:

Avocado is fighting against skin’s dehydration and cracks .

It is perfect to be used on mature skins, on fragile skins (neck, around the eyes)

It has a great benefit to fight against lines and stretches.


These benefits and properties are derived from scientific publications. These informations are informative. They are not substituing  medical advices.


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