The Spoiled Bee Cosmetics

Premium Raw & Cold Pressed Coconut Oil


This premium Coconut Oil comes from the Vanuatu Island close to New Caledonia. A tropical paradise that produces this fair-trade, cold-pressed and raw Coconut Oil. As it is produced by local tribes, it is impossible for them to get certified Organic however no chemicals are used on the trees or during the production process. 

Coconut Oil has many proven benefits for the skin, hair & general health thanks to its moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties. With its distinctive tropical scent, it can be used both pure on the skin and hair or in your DIY recipes. 

Size: 250ml

Please note that we are slowly making the last changes to ditch all PET packaging. However you may still receive your Coconut Oil in our recycled PET packaging. Please remember to recycle them.  


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