The Spoiled Bee

Purifying Tea Tree Nourishing Bar Soap


validated and now approved by our local customers: our naked soap revealing its ingredients: and Tea tree Essential oil as our super natural purifying ingredient. Zero pigment, zero synthetic fragrance, no paraben for the most sensitive skins which need to recover its balance.
This tea tree soap offers a melting sensation under the shower...not the kind of hard lasting forever harsh stone like piece of soap ... rather feeling like a botanical butter melting  on your skin whilst deeply cleansing.

Formulated more than a year ago, used ( on us first...never tested on animals ...) with coconut oil, olive oil as well as our Australian Premium Tea Tree Essential Oil.

Our tea tree essential oil has a plethora of benefits. It is a naturally antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral and healing Essential Oil. A fantastic ingredient to help prevent, diminish and heal blemishes or acne, Tea Tree can also help heal scars and purify the skin. Tea Tree is also often used in hair-care to stimulate the scalp, prevent dandruff and oily roots as well strengthen the hair follicles. An absolute must-have!

6 oz

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