The Spoiled Bee

The Naked Bar Soap for Sensitive Skin


This Naked soap offers a melting sensation under the shower...not the kind of hard lasting forever harsh stone like piece of soap ... rather feeling like a botanical butter melting  on your skin whilst deeply cleansing.

Formulated more than a year ago, used ( on us first...never tested on animals ...) validated and now approved by our local customers: Our naked soap is happily  revealing its ingredients: coconut oil, olive oil and plum oil as our super luxury triple nourishing ingredient. Zero pigment, zero essential oil for the most sensitive skins.

Large Bar soaps weights around 6 oz (according to its degree of cure: color and weight can present slight variations)

Small Bar Soap weight: 3.5Oz

Now your choice: you can follow our blog’s recipes and find all the ingredients and equipment to DIY your own... or buy it ready in its eco friendly little packaging, ready to use and already cured 

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