The Spoiled Bee

Vanilla Essential Oil


Vanilla is associated with sweetness all over the World. Comforting and sweet, Vanilla Essential Oil is perfect to capture sweet moment and help relax. This particular scent is best for when you’re feeling overstimulated and agitated, because it helps calm down, relax and uplift your mood. Vanilla Essential Oil reduces stress, anger, tension and irritability. Whether you choose to diffuse Vanilla Essential Oil into the air using a diffuser or dilute it in a carrier oil, the delightful scent of vanilla will stay with you all day.  

From perfume to your skincare products or even added to your yummiest cooking recipes, our team loves vanilla and even formulated our Honey & Vanilla Cleansing Balm with vanilla for its nourishing, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. 

10 ml  bottle

*Disclaimer: Vanilla essential oil is not an essential oil but an oleoresin extracted from Vanilla pods

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